Decent rains in NorCal

Today’s system is continuing to bring a steady, soaking rain to NorCal (0.67 in SR so far). I would expect rainfall to decrease a bit for a few hours and then pick up once again as a decent-looking jet streak acts on a very moist subtropical moisture plume. Although the plume is currently aimed at CentCal, the jet streak and the easternmost low pressure center in the complex gyre (there are several) will pull that rainband right into the Bay Area for some possible heavy rains later tonight and for at least part of tomorrow. SoCal will continue to stay mostly dry until Saturday, when a new system will enter the picture. This Saturday storm looks more impressive dynamically than the current one, and will have a more southerly trajectory. Therefore, NorCal will get a decent wind/rain event (with some tstorms mixed in?) and SoCal will see some soaking rains (though rain amounts around San Diego are somewhat more problematic). More on that tomorrow. Beyond that…some colder and showery precip. is possible for at least part of next week, but no more heavy rain is expected…

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