Unusual summer pattern across West Coast

A fairly deep cutoff low is lifting very slowly NE over NorCal this evening. Some very intense thunderstorm activity has developed in the favorable NE quardant of the low, and some may even survive the westward trek to the coast near Eureka. A small chance of convective activity exists as far south as the Bay Area overnight and Monday, but the main threat area will continue to be far northern CA and S. OR. I would expect to see at least several fire starts as a result of the intense lightning activity over the Trinity Alps, which is something that firefighters there certainly don’t need considering the ongoing situation there. Thunderstorm activity will spread NE into the mountain states early this week, bringing the potential for isolated severe weather in E. OR, ID, and MT. The current pattern in the Eastern Pacific certainly is more like spring than summer, and this appears to continue for the forseeable future. No major heat waves in store, and after the cutoff moves away, no major convective episodes for a while, either. No tropical activity in the Eastern Pacific at the moment. The Cape Verde season in the Atlantic may finally be heating up, though.

 On a side note, Weather West’s seasonal outlook for the rest of summer and fall will be published soon.

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