Big storm off the coast

Quick update this evening. A powerful storm system is currently situated off the northern CA coast. The parent low is deepening as I type and is expected to bottom out around 992 mb tomorrow afternoon. A very impressive cold front is readily evident on satellite imagery and is moving towards the coast this evening. Cloud tops are cooling rapidly and numerous lightning strikes have been detected near and along the cold front offshore. The front will slow down as it approaches land and is already generating strong and gusty winds over NorCal. Winds will continue to increase and become as strong as 60-65 mph in some locations. Rainfall will be quite heavy along the front, especially with the aforementioned convective elements embedded in the frontal band. Flash flooding will be possible, especially near the burn areas of Monterey and Santa Cruz County. The cold front may even stall a bit over NorCal on Sunday, producing some local flooding issues. The cold front will still be quite strong when it moves into SoCal tomorrow night, bringing with it strong winds, heavy rain, and local thunderstorms. More convecvtive weather potential on Monday for the entire state. The next storm looks a lot less certain than it did a couple of days ago, but it still looks like we may get a second strong storm. It might just be a week delayed…

More extensive update tomorrow.

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