Friday storm in NorCal; spring springs in earnest this weekend.

The pattern lately has been unsettled across much of the state. Tomorrow’s storm in NorCal, however, will likely be the last for some time anywhere in the state.

IR satellite imagery of incoming system (NRL)

The storm slated for Friday is actually quite strong dynamically speaking, and does have the potential to produce a pretty intense/squally frontal band. Moisture, however, is lacking, and storm movement will be rapid, so overall precipitation accumulations will probably be moderate rather than heavy (and SoCal is unlikely to see much of anything out of this one). Gusty winds up to 40-45 mph are possible, though, as are isolated thunderstorms in NorCal (note the extensive cumliform cloudiness in the wake of the font). Any lingering showers will be over by Saturday morning.


After a chilly night on Saturday/Sunday (don’t forget to change your clocks!), skies will clear and temperatures will warm dramatically next week. Widespread 70s will occur for the first time this year statewide, and some 80s will likely begin to pop up in SoCal. Actually, there aren’t really any indications of precipitation after the Friday storm for the foreseeable future. We do seem to be entering a “spring” weather pattern. While I do expect the entire state to receive additional precipitation before the rainy season ends, it does appear things are winding down (though do realize that much of our “interesting” weather–that is, convective activity–occurs from late March through early May).


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