*Intense storms track through California; worst yet to come*

A very brief update today.The second in the series of major storms is currently moving through Northern California, bringing very heavy rainfall, severe thunderstorms containing powerful wind gusts in excess of 60 mph, torrential downpours, and some hail. Flash flooding and wind damage are threats with this cold front. The frontal band will slam into Southern California later today, probably generating some of the worst flash flooding and debris flows seen in years.

Then…on Wednesday…the whole pattern repeats itself once again, though this storm will probably be even stronger than today’s system. The Wednesday storm will have the potential to cause serious flash flooding statewide and significant wind damage, with widespread gusts in the 50-70 mph range, even in the lowlands. Severe thunderstorms will be possible once again. Thursday will see yet another storm, though this one will be focused south of the Bay Area into SoCal. All in all, an extremely active 72 hour period shaping up…


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