Regarding the devastating earthquake in Haiti: a brief message

Observed Mercalli Shaking Intensity (USGS). Note the extreme shaking directly underneath Port-au-Prince.

Partners in Health

Partners in Health, a Boston-based nonprofit health care organization, is uniquely positioned to provide rapid and effective medical aid to those in  southwestern Haiti in the wake of the recent massive earthquake near Port-au-Prince. Contributions made now will go towards the immediate procurement of desperately needed medical supplies. Though numerous international aid organizations are currently en route, it will be some time before their operations are in full swing. Partners in Health already has hundreds of workers on the ground and the local expertise needed to be as efficient as possible under these trying circumstances.  Please consider making a contribution in this time of Haiti’s greatest need. Feel free to distribute this message widely.

To contribute to the earthquake-related efforts of PIH, click here.

For information regarding PIH’s response to the earthquake, visit this link.

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