Dramatically cooler and more active next seven days

Just a very brief update this evening. After a week of record-breaking heat and extreme uncertainty in the models, the upcoming pattern is still looking to be unpredictable, unsettled, and potentially active. Tomorrow, a strong inside slider-type system will pinch off a small cutoff low over NorCal, bringing strong PVA and very unstable conditions to the region. Despite the lack of moisture, I do expect at least scattered convective showers and isolated thunderstorms over the higher terrain, and perhaps elsewhere. These could continue overnight and into Saturday for higher elevations in SoCal. Quieter weather develops going into early next week, but a similarly cold, dry, but unstable system will move in by midweek with potentially a better chance of convective precipitation. Stay tuned…thunderstorms could pop up in some unexpected locations over the next 7 days.

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