Showers and thunderstorms; dry weather to return

Well, today was a very convective day across NorCal, with significant to severe thunderstorm activity affecting much of the northern half of the state (especially coastal areas). No lightning is currently being reported, and precipitation has reached a bit of a lull at the moment. The low responsible for all of this activity, however, is still spinning off the NorCal coast and will slowly drift southward over the next 48 hours. As it does so, showers and scattered thunderstorms will continue to pop up and rotate inland over NorCal. Some of these storms will continue to be rather impressive, though with the decreasing dynamics aloft and a weakening low, I do expect the chance for more organized storms to decrease. Some discrete cells may still approach severe limits tomorrow, especially tomorrow PM if there is significant daytime heating in the Valley (which appears likely). SoCal will see some more light to locally moderate rainfall tonight and tomorrow, but nothing of note. Isolated showers and thunderstorms may linger across CentCal into Friday before the low completely dissipates and moves off to the northeast. The weekend…which was looking rather wet and cold until recently…is now just looking cold (and actually rather beautiful). We shall see…the trough could still set up a bit further west and bring precip, but this seems unlikely attm. In any case, it will be much drier than it has been lately in NorCal. I’ll have an update by the end of the weekend regarding the hydrological significance of the recent precipitation, which has been extremely beneficial. More later…still at least one more intereting weather day up in NorCal…

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