Unseasonably cold and deep cutoff low

A very unusually strong and cold inside slider-type low pressure are will cause a very noticable change in teh weather across CA thsi week. Although precipitation appears to be extremely unlikely except possibly some scattered snow showers over the Sierras due to the dry overland track of the system, everyone will see very gusty winds and much cooler temperatures. The cold air aloft could lead to the first frost of the season in some places, and a temporary relief from the persistent heat elsewhere. Fire danger will be extreme over the entire state except the north coast where recent rainfall was sufficient to essentially end fire season. In SoCal–a moderate to strong Santa Ana event will unfold, and I do unfortunately expect some of the worst fires of the season down there to occur over the next 1-2 weeks.

In other news, Hurricane Norbert has reached category 4 status, and currently had a very impressive presentation on satellite imagery. There is no chance the Norbet will affect CA’s weather, unfortunately. Beyond the coming weekend, there remains rather little to talk about…

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