A return; bland weather but a dangerous fire

I am now  back in the States and fully able to begin discussing California weather once again. I do have some weather and weather-related photos from southern Africa that will be posted on the main Weather West site in the near future.

Locally in California, the weather is currently very typical of mid-summer. Temperatures are warm to locally hot inland and seasonably cool near the coast. This may change a bit going into next weekend if the ECMWF is right in developing southeast flow aloft by next Saturday, but at this point it appears unlikely.

 The Telegraph Fire, which erupted near the Yosemite National Park western entrance gate on Friday as a result of target practice shooting, has exploded in size over the past 24 hours and is already nearing 30,000 acres. Many towns are currently threatened directly by the blaze, and Cal Fire has just reported that significant structure loss has already occurred. Temperatures there in the fire are will be over 95 degrees every day this week, humidities will be low, and there will be occasional breezes. Also, the fuels in that area have not burned previously in 100 years of record-keeping. We’ll be hearing a lot more about this fire…stay tuned…

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