Unsettled north; typical spring pattern

I apologize for the lack of updates lately–a combination of rather benign (=boring) weather and a very busy schedule have prevented more regular updates. In any case, the weather still remains rather uneventful this weekend, with early spring warmth statewide (80s in the south, 70s in the north). Warm temperatures will continue for another 48 hours or so before a change in the weather does begin to occur, especially in NorCal. Colder air aloft begins to move in along with increasingly moist zonal flow for the rest of next week after Tuesday, bringing precipitation and much colder temps to CA. Most of these changes will be felt in NorCal, but it will be colder and windy in SoCal with some possibility of precip at some point. Snow levels in NorCal could be relatively low with the precipitation next weekend, with 850 mb temps dropping below -3 C. Given the late March sun angle and the very warm ground temperatures that will be in place, however, don’t really expect much below 2500-3000 feet.  The details and longevity of this pattern change will be hard to pin down for another 24 hours or so, so stay tuned. No seriously interesting weather is “on the radar” at the moment, though…

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