Boring weather continues statewide

A weak system will squeak by NorCal tomorrow morning, bringing some brief light rainfall (0.25 in. or less in most places; locally up to 0.75 in.). SoCal won’t see so much as a cloud. After the early week “non-event,” offshore flow will develop over CA in response to a cold inside slider type system. Increased wildfire potential in SoCal will likely result, and some cold overnight temperatures will be possible in interior NorCal (30-40 in the Valley; 15-25 in the mountains) as cold air drains in from the east and humidities drop. No significant rain (or really any rain at all, for that matter) is in the offing after tomorrow’s miniscule rain totals for the next week or so at least. There is very little to indicate that there will be any significant change in the pattern at all–mild daytime temperatures and cool overnights, with mostly clear skies and occasional offshore events (though none of these look to be particularly impressive, either). This is starting to be a bit concerning…as the GFS indicates no hope of rain right on through the first week of December… 

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