Typically uneventful fall weather returns to CA

After last week’s locally dramatic storm, the weather has returned to the docile  state in which it often is this time of year. The cutoff ended up bringing some light rainfall (but no thunderstorms) to much of NorCal over the weekend, though not enough to end the fire season in most places. SoCal did see the brunt of the interesting weather, however. Flash flooding from intense thunderstorms  did occur in the Los Angeles area and in the Central Valley, where some places saw more than 1 inch of rainfall in a very short period of time. Most places saw substaintially less, but a soaking rain was fairly widespread. The inland deserts, including Death Valley, saw significant precipitation from a line of persistent thunderstorms on the east side  of the low. The San Diego area missed out on most of the precipitation except for a few scattered showers at the end of the storm. Certainly a novelty, though the storm did not turn out to be quite as impressive as it might have been. The weather will continue to be rather uninteresting over the next week or so as seasonably weak troughs pass by to the north of the state, bringing cooler and breezy conditions but probably no rainfall. La Nina is continuing to strengthen in the East Pac. this September, and could continue to become stronger for several months. There will probably be a significant impact on CA weather as a result of this ENSO cold event later in the winter. Stay tuned.

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