Monsoon–not too far off?

Typically warm summer weather has been the rule across the West for the past couple of weeks, and I would expect this to continue. Current GFS model runs are indicating a building Sonoran heat ridge over the CA/AZ border area, and such a development is sometimes a precursor to the monsoon or a monsoon-like pattern. Temperatures will probably become quite hot days 5-10 across the Southwest, and some mid-level moisture may begin to move northwards by the end of the period. The SoCal mountains and the deserts of S. AZ could begin to see some isolated thundestorm activity by about days 6/7, with a potentially better potential arriving in the 8-14 day period. CA could also be in for a heat wave during that period, as well, as hot desert air is advected NW from the deserts. It’s worth keeping an eye on…and is a sign that the monsoon may be on time this year in Phoenix and Tuscon, AZ.

 Note: This blog will not be updated for a little while because I will be out of town. Feel free to post comments if the weather is active…and I’ll update as soon as possible.

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