Warm and dry statewide

Last week’s light precipitation is behind us and a summer-like pattern has developed. Temperatures inland are warm and conditions dry in moderate offshore flow while coastal locations remain cool and occasionally foggy. Inland temps will come down some as the week progresses but 80 to low 90s are still likely in interior valleys. The long-range models are unanimous in forecasting a dry pattern over the entire state for the next 1-2 weeks save for a few possible isolated showers or thunderstorms over the peaks of the Sierras or the Trinity Alps as snowmelt moistens the middle levels of the atmosphere. Summer is likely here to stay–any more rainfall, except possibly in far NorCal near Eureka, is unlikely before the summer pattern sets in for the year. Snowmelt in the mountains will be significant over the next 1-2 weeks, and stream flows will likely reach their peak levels for the season by Wednesday/Thursday of this coming week. Cool-side-of-average SSTs continue in the equatorial Eastern Pacific, so any strengthening of La Nina-like conditions there seems to have halted, at least for the time being. A pool of warmer than average SSTs does exist just north of the main El Nino region…which could play a role in early-season tropical development this year. Stay tuned…

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