The blog is back!

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After an extended delay, I’ve finally gotten the backed-up database installed and all old blog content has been successfully restored. All your old comments (and username/password combinations) should have been restored as well!

I still need to make some tweaks and additions to the site, but the present version is now a stable one, so the site should not go down during this final part of the process.

Thanks for your patience!

  • Ken K.

    Daniel, great to see the site is back up and operational. Looks like another very mild summer, has been cool with lots of Night and Morning low clouds here at the house(Granite Hills) highs in the upper 70’s to low 80’s unusual for August. Not very many T-storms this year, The cold water along the coast seems to be keeping the Trough in place, I have seen some posts leaning towards another early start to the rain season. I know it is early and far out for this kind of talk, but this sumer seems to mirroring last year. I hope all is well with you folks out there.

  • David

    YAY happy days are back

  • Dan the Weatherman

    Glad to see the blog up and running again!

    Like Ken said above, this summer has certainly been a mild one so far, as the NW trough and the strong upper level ridge over the southern plains and Texas have been the dominant players so far. It certainly has been good weather for getting things done in the yard such as repotting plants and I have certainly taken advantage of that.

    It looks to turn warmer for the next several days, with highs here in Orange approaching possibly the upper 80s and even low 90s by Wed-Thur before cooling down again for the weekend.

  • Nicholas

    Looks like we have a quick warm snap on the way. Not going to last to long and monsoon moisture looks to be limited.

  • Dan the Weatherman

    After the weekend cool down, it looks as another warming trend begins early next week for at least a couple of days, but I am not sure if there will be monsoonal moisture with it or not.

  • Ken K.

    Dan, Looks like it might go hot for all of California starting next week into the end of August, looks like the jet stream will finally lift north with the high over the central part of the country moving west some. If the next system cuts off may get some monsoonal flow coming up. Bears watching. Was 90 at the house today.

    • Dan the Weatherman

      It wouldn’t surprise me if we had a stretch of hot weather to last that length of time because we are overdue for some true summer weather. Besides, from now into mid-September is prime time for the hottest weather of the year to occur.

  • Nicholas

    Its still a bit early but I wonder why the winter predictions are looking like.

  • Dan the Weatherman

    Accuweather’s Fall forecast was issued today, and for the western third of the U.S., it basically just looks to me what is normal for the time of year, according to climatology, with few deviations. CA is usually on the dry side until November or early December, especially for the southern half of the state, except that the San Francisco area looks drier than normal in the forecast.

    The fall has been wetter in Socal in general since 2007 with last fall being by far the wettest. Whether that trend will continue this year or not remains to be seen, but it wouldn’t surprise me if the early fall is drier this year. However, if the highly amplified weather patterns continue into the fall season, there is always the possibility that it could turn wetter earlier if the pattern is just right.

  • My hunch is that we’ll have some early storms yet again this year, based on the unusually active jet over the North Pacific that has managed to persist for much of the summer. Recall it rained substantially in NorCal most recently in late June, and the PacNW has been getting on and off again systems all summer long. The 250mb flow pattern already resembles late September/October. Still, I think we’ve got some hot weather to get through before then (as has been mentioned, some pretty hot and possibly humid weather could be headed our way for the last week of August).